Join Us

By joining Tara NHW I confirm that I support Tara NHW objectives and goals to reduce crime in the area by:

  • Monthly R50 contributions to be used for Crime reduction programs such as surveillance cameras, maintenance and repairs or replacement of cameras, greenbelt lights, response team equipment and any other initiative identified by Tara NHW Executive Committee. 
  • Using the Telegram PANIC BUTTON telephone number for current & immediate security issues ONLY.
  • Not sharing the Telegram PANIC BUTTON number to non-members of Tara NHW
  • Installation of Binguard locks to black municipal dustbins to eliminate vagrants scratching in dustbins.
  • Dustbins to be put out on the morning of Dustbin collection days:

Tuesdays – municipal black bins
Wednesdays – Recycling bins

  • Supporting Responsible giving programs and by NOT giving any food or related items to beggars or bin scratchers in our area.
  • Assisting in Greenbelt clean up initiatives (where possible) and to keep Heydeburg Park clean and free of litter.
  • Being the eyes and ears of Tara NHW in reporting anything unusual, faulty street lights, Illegal land occupation, etc.
Member Details
Security (What company currently monitors your alarm system and responds in the event of an alert)
All Members of your family (Staying at the same address) ABOVE age 18 years old that wants to be a MEMBER of Tara NHW.