about us

Our History

Tara Neighbourhood watch (hereafter referred to as Tara NHW) was established in June 2020 in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic & Lockdown.  The necessity for a well-organized NHW became apparent after the area was severely hit by criminal activities and our neighbours suffered multiple acts of crime within a short time.

Tara NHW is managed and operated by volunteer residents from Tara Neighbourhood.


Our main objective is to reduce crime in Tara by implementing various strategies:

  • Telegram PANIC BUTTON for residence to use in case of an emergency. This number is monitored 24/7 by Tara NHW Response group.
  • Surveillance cameras – with active monitoring by AR companies and Tara NHW Response team.
  • Effective response during an emergency situation – thus sending a strong message that Tara NHW will react against the criminal threat.
  • Prevent illegal land occupation in Heydeburg Park by keeping the park clean.
  • Clean up and maintenance of shrubs and trees in Heydeburg Park to minimize areas where criminals can hide.
  • Reduction of vagrants and bin scratchers in our area via the installation of Binguard & supporting RESPONSIBLE GIVING campaigns.


Tara NHW approach to crime reduction is as follows:
  • Tara neighbours take responsibility for our area and our safety.
  • Tara neighbours do what is necessary to achieve and establish a safer community.

– Greenbelt cleanups.
– General housekeeping:  Reporting of faulty street lights etc.

  • Working closely with DCPF (Durbanville Community Policing Forum) and Durbanville SAPS.
  • Working hand in hand with Armed Response (AR) companies:

ADT (www.adt.co.za)
HALT (www.haltsecurity.co.za)
Phangela (www.phangelagroup.co.za)

  • Patrols and ensuring good housekeeping:  reporting faulty street lights / potholes / water pipe leaks / missing drain covers etc.

We're working together to keep our community safe

Multiple vehicle patrol
Multiple Foot Patrol
Responders Always on Call
Direct contact with Armed Response vehicles and SAPS

Membership Pricing


per month per household

What This Covers

  • Surveillance cameras throughout the Tara Neighbourhood area.
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of cameras and infrastructure as required.
  • Housekeeping patrols during dustbin nights (Monday & Tuesday evenings)
  • Ad-hoc patrols by response team members.
  • Telegram PANIC BUTTON number for used during an actual and current emergency in Tara neighbourhood
  • Camera surveillance (trigger surveillance) during evening times.
  • Tara NHW Response team – actively responding to any camera triggers and assisting AR's in securing Tara Neighbourhood.
  • Armed Response (AR) – active monitoring of our camera triggers by HALT / ADT / Phangela.
  • ALL camera triggers at night are ACTIVELY responded to by either AR's or together with Response team & AR companies.
  • Ad-hoc daytime triggers surveillance as needed.
  • Assisting SAPS with camera feeds as required to identify any criminal or criminal act as reported to SAPS.