Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is Tara NHW a Registered organisation?

A:  Tara NHW is registered with DCPF (Durbanville Community Policing Forum) and also received DOCS (Department of Community Safety) accreditation in November 2020.

Q:  Banking details for Tara NHW?

A:  Tara Neighbourhood Watch / Absa Cheque Account / Acc nr:  4098935813 / Branch code: 632005

Q:  How does the Surveillance cameras work?

A:   We currently have 34 cameras installed (Jan 2021) throughout Tara – they ensure that ALL street and greenbelt entrances / exits are secured.

Q:  Who monitors the Cameras?

A:  This trigger group (Telegram) is monitored by:  Tara NHW Response team and Armed Response companies working closely with us:  Halt / ADT / Phangela.

The surveillance cameras will send a trigger (short 3 second video clip) to Tara NHW every time a human is identified (crawling / walking / jogging / running / riding a bicycle etc.).

During night-time hours (highest rate of crime incidents) any and ALL triggers received of an unidentified person entering Tara Neighbourhood will be investigated by the Armed Response Company OR by Tara NHW response team.   

Our cameras are not used as CCTV cameras and therefore nobody is watching the cameras (or the residents walking in the streets) the whole day.

Q:  Can I submit a request for camera footage for an incident in my street or near my home?

A:  Tara NHW is mandated to use the surveillance cameras to combat crime and reduce the crime rate in Tara Neighbourhood only. 

We are unable to share any triggers or camera footage with any UNLESS they have a SAPS case number.

Camera footage is also only available for 48-72 hours – thus if there was an actual crime incident that you would require footage for, please contact us ASAP to request this (with full information on the event + date + time + SAPS case number).

Please send all requests to:

Q:  I have a complaint or grievance against my neighbor – can I request footage regarding the alleged ‘offence’?

A:  Tara NHW surveillance cameras are only used to combat crime in Tara Neighbourhood.  We are thus NOT monitoring neighbors or visitors and will not be able to provide any camera footage to support surveillance about residents or their visitors.

As per above question – if you have a SAPS case number and an official criminal case has been opened footage may be requested by SAPS from Tara NHW.

Q:  Am I not allowed to walk in Tara streets at night?

A:  We encourage all residents to walk in the streets, in our beautiful Heydeburg Park and to enjoy the safety and beauty of our area!  If you are stopped by one of our NHW vehicles please give us a friendly wave and smile.  Tara NHW response team are all volunteer residents from Tara Neighbourhood – we are all thus neighbors and here to look out for each other!

Q:  How do I know if a car / person is part of the Tara nhw patrol?

A:  All patrol cars are required to have the Tara NHW decals (magnetic branding) on as well as the patrol member wearing a reflective jacket with his/her Tara NHW ID card.

Q:  Does the Surveillance cameras infringe on my privacy:

A:  The surveillance cameras installed in Tara Neighbourhood are NOT used as CCTV cameras to monitor everyone’s movements 24/7.

We are not watching any resident movement or interested in movement of any person except for suspicious triggers (short 3 sec video sent by the cameras).

Our cameras only do surveillance of public spaces (roads / intersections / greenbelt areas) and have no views in any private property.

Tara NHW does not share / keep ANY video material – our cameras have a short 48-72hr recording time and all triggers are then automatically deleted.

All our cameras are purchased by and belong to Tara NHW – footage is not fed to any other organization or linked up with any 3rd party that can track or use the information / images on the camera.

Q: PANIC BUTTON telephone number – how does it work?

A: Panic button telephone number should be used for CURRENT and REAL Emergency threats in Tara neighbourhood.

Tara NHW will not reply to any other messages except those of URGENT and CURRENT security related issues in Tara neighbourhood.

Save the PANIC BUTTON Tara NHW number on your Cell phone contacts.

Please download Telegram Messenger on your telephone (this platform is very similar to WhatsApp and current WhatsApp users will find it very easy to navigate Telegram).

Once you have downloaded Telegram please send the PANIC BUTTON number a “Test” message. 

You can now also PIN the PANIC BUTTON Tara NHW to the top of your Telegram App (thus when you open Telegram you will see the PANIC BUTTON Tara NHW first).

How to pin a message to the top of your Telegram:  Close your PANIC BUTTON MESSAGE.  Press on the RED Panic Button picture for 2 seconds – click on PIN!

Q:  Where do I post about my lost cat or dog and other issues?

A:  We ask that all other issues be shared on the Tara Caring Neighbor group.

This is the ideal forum to share about lost cats/dogs, keys that has been found, wanting to find a new domestic worker that is known in the area, advertising products for sale etc.

Follow this link to join Tara Caring Neighbor WhatsApp group:

Q:  Where do I submit service requests for City of Cape Town (CoCT)?


Q:  Tara NHW fight against vagrants?

A:  Tara NHW is NOT AGAINST the support of vagrant and homeless people.  Most of our patrol/response volunteers are involved in social campaigns and have various charities they support.

We are against Tara residents feeding vagrants and homeless people from their dustbin – this practice is inhumane and does more damage than good.

RESPONSIBLE GIVING has been emphasized and requested by CoCT on various occasions – handouts has been identified as one of the key reasons why Durbanville has had such an influx of homeless people. 

We encourage all Tara neighbours to support MES Durbanville (see full article under Stats & Other)

Address:  37 Queen Street, Durbanville,
Tel:  082 440 7055

Q:  Binguards – why do I need to install these?

A:  Binguard is a municipal bin lock system that is installed on your black refuse bin – allowing ONLY the CoCT refuse truck to open your bin (gravity lock).  This prevents vagrants scratching in your black municipal bin.

As per the above question – our fight is not with feeding vagrants or supporting them BUT with the undignified and highly damaging lifestyle we are promoting by allowing this.

If you wish to feed a vagrant please support MES Durbanville by buying a food booklet and rather handing these to vagrants (they can have a decent meal at MES and also then utilize the other facilities available to support and assist them).

Q:  Where do I order a Binguard for installation?

A:  Please send Annemie a message:  082 574 0341 to order your Binguard.

Enquire about the latest price on ordering.  We try to keep the prices of the Binguard as low as possible to encourage more people to install.

See full information about Binguard under News & Events.

Q:  Why do I have to pay R50 membership fee and what is it used for?

A:  Membership fee of R50 per household per month (or R600 per year) is asked and will be used for the following:

  • Installation of more surveillance cameras as needed.
  • Maintenance of surveillance cameras as needed.
  • Replacement of broken surveillance cameras.
  • Upgrading of Tara NHW patrol and response team equipment: 

–          Vehicle decals (to identify all Tara NHW patrol vehicles)

–          Equipment for Response team like flashlights / pepper spray / reflector jackets and 2way radios etc.

  • Other security initiatives like:

–          Greenbelt cleanups 

–          Tree pruning (to ensure clear camera views)

–          Solar lights for greenbelt

–       Surveillance camera warning signs

  • Other initiatives as identified by Tara NHW executive committee.

For any other questions feel free to contact us: