Binguard is a patented, easy to install and user-friendly 240 litre municipal refuse bin locking system. With Binguard, users remain in control of the refuse in their bins from leaving their premises, while on the street, and until it is collected.

Gravity Lock allows you to lock the lid of your wheelie bin to prevent unwanted spilling of waste. At the same time it allows for the bin to be emptied into the refuse removal truck via a self-activating gravity lock which releases automatically when the wheelie bin is lifted and tilted by the refuse removal truck’s lifting mechanism. This allows the lid to open in its normal way and the bin to be emptied into the truck.

Why do we ask you to install a Binguard:

  1. The vagrant problem in Durbanville has multiplied in the last couple of months – our areas are flooded with vagrants every Monday evening – Wednesday when last bins are removed by CoCT.

The vagrants scratching in bin may not pose a security risk BUT the criminal hiding as a vagrant, looking into properties and scouting the area while hiding under the “umbrella” of bin scratcher IS the problem.  How do we distinguish between the real bin scratcher and a criminal scouting our area?

  1. Vagrants also leave our area, especially Heydeburg Park, in a complete state of disaster.  Black bags are found, after bin days, in Heydeburg Park torn open and the content of it (often already rotting after a week in a warm refuse bin) thrown out in the park.

This poses a huge hygiene risk for everyone who utilises our beautiful park for some quality outdoor family and exercise time.

  1. The idea of feeding someone from your dustbin is absolutely Ludacris!  This inhuman practice does more harm than it can ever do good.  Various solutions has been provided by CoCT to vagrant in Cape Town.

Once such solution has opened their doors in Durbanville – Tara NHW encourages all residents to please support them in their quest to assist the homeless and those wanting to be helped. (Please find more details about MES Durbanville under the tab).


Order your Binguard from Annemie:  082 574 0341.