Tara nhw Crime Stats: January 2021 – July 2021

July 2021:

25 July @ 06:02 1 x Theft from Motor vehicle (Felicia street) & 1 x Theft from Wendy House (Eldorado Street) – same suspect.

Suspect was caught by Tara nhw after he returned later the same day to collect his stashed stolen goods. SAPS arrested suspects and was able to charge him for both accounts due to the positive identification from Tara nhw Surveillance cameras + finding the stolen items at his house.

ALL stolen items retrieved and returned to their owners.

June 2021:

0 Crime reported in Tara neighbourhood.

May 2021:

4 May 2021 @ 05:16 – 2 x Theft from motor vehicles (Felicia street & Merry Rocks – same evening / same suspect).

April 2021:

1 x Daytime theft from car reported.

1 x attempted car break-in (suspect was caught by Tara nhw response team) – not items was stolen.

March 2021:

0 crime reported in Tara Neighbourhood.

February 2021:

0 Crime reported in Tara Neighbourhood

January 2021:

1 x Daytime Crime reported in Tara Neighbourhood. 27 January – Chainsaw stolen out of open garage.